Owen Thompson for Midlothian

Please note:  I am not currently an MP, as Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election on 8 June 2017.

On 8 June, voters across the UK will go back to the polls for an early General Election which none of us neither wanted nor particularly expected, called by Theresa May in a blatant attempt to cement her position by exploiting the weakness of the Labour Party.  She hopes the result will give her a free hand to do whatever she wants, especially in – and to – Scotland.  I ask you to make your vote count on 8 June: vote SNP and re-elect me as Member of Parliament for Midlothian, to help ensure that Scotland’s rejection of destructive and harmful Tory policies is heard loud and clear at Westminster.  Midlothian needs you, and I hope you join me in standing up for Midlothian and Scotland.

For the past two years, the SNP has been the only real opposition at Westminster.  My colleagues and I stood firm against the most appalling and inhumane policies of this Tory Government – the most extreme and right-wing in years. We campaigned tirelessly against the rape clause, welfare cuts to the disabled, Trident renewal and Brexit, while making the case for investment in public services, support for the most vulnerable and fair pensions for older people.  We watched in dismay as the Tories cut billions from Scotland’s budget while expecting the Scottish Parliament to mitigate their cruel austerity measures.

Now, more than ever, Scotland needs strong voices to protect its interests at Westminster, especially with a hard Tory Brexit looming.  A vote for the SNP is a vote for your right to decide the future of your country, not to have it dictated to you by Theresa May.  A vote for the SNP is a vote for progressive politics and the positivity of Scotland’s stronger economy and NHS, despite Tory austerity and cuts.  A vote for the SNP is a vote for all of us.

To start my campaign, I formally launched my General Election campaign at Newtongrange’s Mining Museum – thanks to my fantastic crowd (pictured) who attended and gave me very enthusiastic support. And now, the hard work begins.  The run-up to 8 June is going to be very busy for me and my campaign team – if you have any time at all when you could help, your support would be very much welcome. For example, if you want to post on social media supporting my campaign, please use the hashtags #Owen4Mid and #TeamMidlothian and feel free to tag me.

I will be out and about – both canvassing and attending street stalls – at the dates and times which will be added to my Facebook page.  Please join us and share the details widely with anyone who may be interested in joining us.  Don’t worry if you haven’t campaigned before – you will get a warm welcome, and our more experienced campaigners and canvassers will be happy to show you the ropes.  Your help would be very much appreciated to help me share my campaign message across Midlothian.

Click to donate to my Crowdfunder

I now have my campaign crowdfunder up and running – any contribution you can make would be much appreciated to help me take up the fight for Midlothian.  You can donate here (or click on the image above):


If you have any questions at all about the campaign – or would like to know just how you can help – please drop me an email at owen@owenthompson.scot

Yours for Scotland,