Midlothian MP Owen Thompson joined with his SNP Westminster Group colleagues today in again condemning the renewal of the Trident nuclear programme, as SNP Defence spokesperson Brendan O’Hara MP said that the new report from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) – which has calculated the cost of renewing the Trident nuclear programme has now breached the £200 billion mark – shows the project is ‘staggering and out of control’.

The UK Government is determined to proceed with the project – even with this new extraordinary price tag  – and plans to dump the nuclear arsenal on the Clyde for the next 50 years despite opposition from the Scottish Government, 57 of Scotland’s 59 MPs, churches, trade unions and civic society.

SNP Defence spokesperson Brendan O’Hara MP commented:

”These figures are just staggering – and if even remotely accurate show the whole project is out of control before a vote has even been taken in parliament to renew.

”The escalating cost of this immoral weapon must now make the UK government stop the whole renewal. The SNP will take every opportunity to vote against Trident.  It is obscene and completely redundant and Westminster seems hell bent on dumping it on the Clyde – it would appear at any cost.

”Trident renewal has always been utterly indefensible – and these costs will almost certainly only go one way from here – even further up.”

Owen Thompson MP said:

“I would reiterate that Trident is an obscene and immoral weapon of mass destruction.  And at a time when we are being told how we must implement further austerity measures across the UK, leaving our most vulnerable constituents even worse off, surely we cannot move forward with this expenditure.  Not only is this morally wrong, it is fiscally irresponsible.”

[photo from cross-party MPs Against Trident meeting, February 2016]