Photo of the Karous courtesy Deb Armstrong, The National

Owen Thompson, SNP MP for Midlothian has today welcomed Syrian refugee, Mohammed Karou, to Midlothian as he joins his family after five years apart.

Mohammed, now aged 10, was one of the thousands of child refugees alone in Syria. His parents, brother and sister fled to a refugee camp in Syria believing he was dead and only learnt that he was alive as the family were in the process of being resettled through international humanitarian efforts.

In September 2016 the Midlothian MP raised the case directly with Theresa May at PMQs and has been proactively working with the Home Office to ensure the safe return of Mohammed.

Owen Thompson, MP said:

“I was delighted to be able to meet Mohammed and the Karou family today and to see how happy they all are to be back together. It’s understandably been an exceptionally difficult time for the whole family with Mohammed being alone and so far away.”

“I’m honoured to have been able to play a small part in being able to reunite the family, but this has been a real team effort from my office, Midlothian Council, the Home office and countless faceless heroes who are on the frontline in highly dangerous circumstances who took actions that have resulted in the family being together here in Midlothian today.”

“It is disappointing that in the very week we are able to celebrate the reunion of this family that the Tory Government blocked moves in the House of Commons to help more vulnerable children like Mohammed and continues to refuse sanctuary to so many. “

“Mohammed has been lucky in many ways, but we can’t stop while there are still any children who need similar support.”