Midlothian SNP have today launched their General Election campaign at the Mining Museum in Newtongrange.

With voters going to the polls on June 8, Owen Thompson who has been the MP in Midlothian since May 2015, is urging voters to vote SNP to re-elect Owen Thompson to send a clear message that Midlothian rejects the Tories destructive and harmful austerity policies.

Owen Thompson, SNP candidate for Midlothian, said:

“In this election we face a clear choice, a choice between the most extreme right wing Tory Government in years, with the chaos of Brexit and the most appalling and inhumane policies like the rape clause and welfare cuts to the disabled, or a vote for the SNP to stand up and protect Scotland’s interests at Westminster.

“For the past two years the SNP has been the only real opposition at Westminster and now more than ever Scotland needs strong voices.

“We must stand firm against the Tory agenda of hard-line austerity and campaign for investment in public services, the SNP in this election will—as we always do—stand up for Scotland and Midlothian.”