On 20 June 2016, I invited Midlothian women who were affected by the equalisation of the State Pension Age to join me at a public meeting at Dalkeith Corn Exchange, both to discuss the issue and their concerns and to meet other local women with similar concerns in an informal setting.

The Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) Campaign has been a fantastic resource for women affected by the changes, however at that time there was no local WASPI group.  Since then, I am pleased to announce the launch of WASPI Midlothian, which is serving as a support and action network for local women – I would urge any women in Midlothian affected by this issue to get in touch with WASPI Midlothian.  Once re-elected, I will continue to liaise with the group over the issues which are most important to Midlothian’s WASPI women.